Elinor Engström





About me.

I’m currently employed as CISO at Office Management where my projects mainly concern privacy management & GDPR compliance, security management (incl. IT security, physical security and policy management) and Microsoft 365.

I also work with web development using Moodle, Wordpress and ProcessWire.


What I do.

I work for individuals and businesses of all sizes!


I have extensive experience in IT support and can help you with anything from installing your computer to fixing your WiFi, or how about I teach you how to create pretty word templates?


Are you developing a new system or website and need an unbiased experienced usability tester? I can help you with that!

Web Development

I started developing websites as a hobby at 10 years old; at 17 years old I started doing it professionally.



Web design, logotypes, brochures or document templates - you name it. I work with a variety of tools to create a modern design according to your needs.


I'm an experienced project manager who also has a genuin interest in personal planning and organization.


Need help picking the most cost affective CMS or PM tool for your needs? Whatever your system needs are, I'm here to help you pick the best one for you or your company!


I can help you out with something as simple as a scanning a single device or go all-out and do a full analysis of your company's current information security, including GDPR compliance.

Fine art

I’m a big fan of analog b/w photography, but when it comes to color photography I prefer digital. I also do all my photo editing digitally.
Oh, and somtimes I paint.

“We all change. When you think about it we’re all different people, all through our lives. And that’s OK, that’s good, you gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be.”
The Doctor
(and Steven Moffat)

Need my help?

Hourly rate

When you don't want to commit.

  • No subscriptions
  • No minimum hours
  • No added fees

Projects 10h+

For projects estiamted to take over 10 hours I offer discounted rates.

from $79/hour
  • Subscriptions possible (but not required)
  • Commit to at least 10 hours
  • Bigger discounts for bigger projects

The hourly rate for Projects 10h+ range from $79 to $115 per hour depending on the scope of the project.
Swedish customers are billed in SEK (kr). The Hourly rate is 1100kr. Projects 10+ range from 750kr to 1050kr per hour. Swedish is VAT not included in the listed prices.


Get in Touch.

If you're interested in my services or have any questions, contact me via the form below.